Electricity and Magnetism

Spring 2020

Physics 130A

Physics 130

1st Period MTRF

6th Period MTRF


Mark Shroyer

Nathalie Haurberg





Office D109 SMC

Office D115 SMC



Physics 130A Syllabus

Physics 130 Syllabus

Physics 130A Homework

Physics 130 Homework


Text: Giancoli, Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 4th Edition


Physics Prize Problem 2020 - Atwood Machine






Physics 130/130A Laboratory Information


Lab Coordinator

Chuck Schulz






Office D110 SMC



Yes, there will be lab exercises for Phys 130/130A!


Here is a link to the manual. You should download it, save it, and each week read carefully through the content of the week’s experiment.  Also, before the first lab on April 1, read through the preliminary material, pages i-xviii.


I have created a Google Classroom for the labs. You should join the Classroom as soon as possible:

  1. Go to classroom.google.com and click Sign In. Sign in with your Google Account. For example, you@knox.edu.
  2. At the top, click Add. Join class.
  3. Enter the class code hh2d54a and click Join.

In the Google Classroom, I will be adding week by week materials for you to read and, most importantly, videos to watch.  The labs will be run asynchronously, meaning you need not watch them at a particular time of day on Wednesdays.  In the video I will act as your lab partner (lucky you!) and will step-by-step collect data that you should record in order to write your lab report.  Reports must be created in Word, and submitted to cschulz@knox.edu by email no later than noon Saturday (Central Time) following each Wednesday lab. No sharing of data or of draft reports with other students is allowed!

I have created a set of appointments to serve as office hours. If you have lab questions, just sign up for an appointment and we will meet via Google Hangout to get your questions answered. You can also contact me by email cschulz@knox.edu with questions if that’s more convenient, and I will respond as promptly as possible.